Our vision is to create new intuitive software and technology that reduces time, cost and environmental impacts.

We make accessible software that helps you work smarter.
Who uses our software

Who are we

Entuitive was initially set up to provide innovative solutions to support the environmental and geotechnical industry. Our diverse team of environmental consultants and software developers have created a range of solutions that assist in reducing human error, save time and ultimately saving costs.


Cost Leading

We provide software at a competitive cost and within a structure that suits our users.


We provide software developed to look and feel modern and easy to use.


We produce software that is simple and logical for users with little to no training.

Customer Focus

Our customers are key to our success. We stand behind our products with a knowledgeable support team.

Our Products

BMIS was developed in New Zealand to help users meet asbestos regulatory requirements without stacks of paperwork.

Intuitive field based software for collection and survey of contaminated materials such as asbestos and lead.

Environmental management software to streamline lab analysis and reporting.

Field work data collection app for streamlining on-site documentation.

Marketplace hub for professional consulting services.

Do-It-Yourself contamination testing kits for homeowners.

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