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Award-winning software designed and created by entuitive

The software was developed entirely in house, via collaboration between entuitive and ENGEO’s contamination consultants. The system is completely unique,  and creates regulatory compliant, asbestos management plans as well as assisting in managing 12 additional regulatory requirements.

The system was developed through collaboration and involved Software Developers, Worksafe Licensed Assessors, IP 402 Trained Asbestos Surveyors, Associates of New Zealand’s Occupational Hygiene Society, Worksafe Licensed Removalist and Certified Environmental Practitioners.

In order to create a robust system, the team started by reviewing the specific regulatory obligations within the Asbestos Regulations and to establish how these requirements could be met through a cloud based system, theories were tested on technical staff not involved in the project.

BMIS is a comprehensive solution for holding all the asbestos related information of a workplace, as well as providing assurances that their workplace is safe, protecting all workers on site as well as providing considerable cost and time savings.

A world-first in regulatory compliance for asbestos

Once a viable solution was identified for the regulatory requirements, the team then identified cardinality of data aspects. The complex relationship between data aspects had to be accurate in order to execute a system that was effective and efficient in managing regulatory requirements. The image below shows the initial cardinality diagram highlighting the relationship between clients, buildings, asbestos items and regulatory requirements.

BMIS was coded using PHP / MYSQL and uses extensive javascript to maximise user interface design and ensure the overall system is intuitive and can be operated, with minimal or no user training. The Zurb Foundation CSS framework is also implemented to ensure a consistent experience across different devices including desktop, tablet and mobile phone. The project development encountered a number of technical challenges and functionality requirements that are not common in web application development. The floor plan drawing tool and the automated report generator which exports to pdf, provided healthy challenges to the development team.

BMIS was developed through validated learning, creating aspects or elements to the system and seeking feedback from technical staff, non-technical staff and then clients. It was quickly noted that a successful system was one that helped meet client’s regulatory requirements but without requiring constant interaction with the system.

BMIS now acts as a consultant that is available around the clock. Logic based answers are programed into the system based on client’s interactions with the software and any unusual asbestos related problems referred back to the client’s consultants.