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3D modelling through drone surveys

Our UAV allows us to capture aerial photographs and create topographic models of terrain not accessible by conventional survey methods. The process involves marking ground control points with survey-level GPS, which is required to calibrate and georeference the 3D model and photographs. A small UAV is programmed to fly a series of parallel flight lines and collect regularly spaced and overlapped digital images. These images are then aligned and processed using photogrammetry techniques to create maps, 3D models, and high resolution orthographic images.
Typical accuracy using UAV photogrammetry methods is decimetre level (horizontal and vertical), with greater accuracy possible under ideal conditions. The primary deliverable is based on a 3D model consisting of dense point cloud with on the order of 2 to 4 million points per hectare (200 to 400 points per square metre).
The point cloud is a text file of the point coordinates and elevation, and is used to create contour maps, meshed surfaces and cross sections. The point file is compatible with most GIS programs, and can be integrated with other survey sources such as LiDAR data for comparison to past or future survey data.

New Zealand has over 8 Million hectares of forest. 60% of the South Island is covered with mountains and 20% of the North Island is also. On the whole, New Zealand is not overly accessible. Entuitive’s Drones services provide a cost effective solution to collecting a wide variety of information quickly and effectively. These include imagery, boundaries, tree and crop assessments, data on isolated areas, storm/earthquake damage assessments.

The entuitive team use 4k /high definition video and photography to capture images for a range of clients. We can shoot 4K, full HD video at 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps for clean slow motion and shoot 20 megapixel (RAW) still images . Drones provide us with the same stunning results as with a helicopter but at a fraction of the price. Whether its video, time lapse or still images you are after,  entuitive has the solution.

Entuitive’s drone services has range of applications for assisting everyday tasks. These include faster surveying of sites, cut and fill assessments made quick and simple, managing earthworks programs and stream line cost estimates throughout a program.

Entuitive has a range of Unmaned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) which offers a large range of potential from infromation capture through to data processing. We can provide your file product in a range of formats to suit your needs, whether it is raw files or processed information ready to deliver to your client, we are here to help.